Daejeon Korean Medicine Hospital of Daejeon University Clinical Trial Center


Organization Status
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Organization chart

A systematic research organization

We are striving to achieve innovative research results through close networking at each organizational division.

  • Chief of Daejeon KOREAN MEDICINE Hospital

  • Qa room

  • IRB Committee

  • HRPP

  • Clinical Research Center

  • Steering Committee

  • Clinical Trial Center

    • Clinical Trial Department

    • Clinical Trial Support Department

    • Research Support Department

      • Research Management Team

      • Industry-University Cooperation Team

Working with organized tasks and contacts

Clinical Trial Department
Clinical Trial Management
Work Clinical trial performance(research doctor) and management, clinical trial plan counseling and technical support
Number 042-470-9541,9489
CRC [Clinical Research Coordinator]
Work Clinical research coordinator (CRC)
Number 042-470-9495,9496
Work Clinical trial drug management, clinical pharmacy equipment and supplies management
Number 042-47-9450
Clinical Trial Support Department
Quality Assurance Unit
Work Internal examination of clinical trial, SOP management and education, Works on rules and regulations related to clinical researches
Number 042-470-9497
Data Management (DM/STAT)
Work Operation and management of the web-based clinical trial management system, medical statistics support
Number 042-470-9487
Education Support
Work Operation of educational programs, Management of employee education
Number 042-470-9543
Research Support Department
Work Clinical trial submission, administrative support for personnel management and administration of the center, External affairs coordination
Number 042-470-9488,9487,9555,9490
Medical Devices Management
Work Facility management, Management of medical devices for clinical trials, Management of medical devices in the center
Number 042-470-9488
Industry Cooperation Team
Work Management of research expenses and contracts of clinical trial projects, Management and fee calculation of the center
Number 042-470-9487