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Facilities & equipment introduction
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Clinical trial center

State-of-the-art facilities

We have state-of-the-art facilities and equipment for the purpose of a variety of korean clinical trials.

  • Near-infrared spectroscope
    근적외선 분광기
    • Usage : Brain disease research
    • Measurement of brain blood flow and muscle function measurement
    • Muscle function measurement
    • High-utilization equipment related to clinical trials of mobility disorders such as degenerative brain diseases, paralysis, mental diseases and pain diseases
    등속성운동 검사기
    • Usage : Research on musculoskeletal disorders
    • Equipment for testing the function of each joint of the human body
    • Measurement of 22 individual associated motion patterns, including shoulder, elbow, and wrist joints
  • Ultrasound System
    • Usage : 1. Diagnosis of abdominal disease
    • Scanning and imaging samples using ultrasound with varying reflectivity depending on the medium
    • Used as a diagnostic tool and evaluation of variable for diseases of human subject research
    • Objective, standardized Diagnostic Assessment for musculoskeletal and medical diseases.
  • 3-D Mac
    3D 맥진기
    • Usage : Korean medical diagnosis
    • Measurement of the pulse which is the basic diagnosis of Korean Medicine
    • Diagnostic equipment to objectify pulse diagnosis in Korean Medicine research
  • InBody770
    • Usage : Combinatory Diagnostic Research
    • Body impedance analysis to measure body composition
    • Used in research in various fields including metabolic diseases
  • 3D Facial Scanner
    • Usage : Korean Combinatory Diagnostic Research
    • Measure and analyze the structure of the facial area in three dimensions
    • Scanning of facial features to analyze korean constitution and Sasang constitutional type
  • Constant temperature and humidity chamber
    • Usage : skin research such as cosmetics
    • Device to maintain the temperature and humidity of the research laboratory
  • Corneometern CM825 Probe
    • Usage : Skin research such as cosmetics
    • A sensor that measures the water content of the skin surface (eg, the stratum corneum) by capacitive measurement
    • Only moisture content within a certain depth (10 ~ 20㎛) below the stratum corneum is measured
  • Ambient Condition Sensor RHT100
    • Usage : for skin research such as cosmetics
    • Sensors for measuring temperature and humidity of the laboratory
    • A device in which the temperature and humidity at the time of measurement are stored together when the measurement values of the respective measurement sensor devices are stored
    • It is useful for analyzing data after experiment, especially for moisturizing, elasticity and wrinkle analysis.
  • POLYCOM video conference system
    • Usage : Clinical test center basic equipment
    • Video conferencing system
  • Defibrillator
    • Usage : Clinical test center basic equipment
    • Clinical Emergency Preparedness
  • Emergency Cart
    • Usage : Clinical test center basic equipment
    • Used for emergency examination and treatment
  • Pharm refrigerator
    의약품 냉장고
    • Usage : Clinical test center basic equipment
    • Clinical trial center Refrigerator storage refrigerator
  • Centrifugal Separator
    • Usage : Clinical test center basic equipment
    • Used to separate, purify, and concentrate cells
    • Separation of precipitates, separation of liquid and liquid that do not mix well with each other, separation of mother liquor from crystals, etc.
  • Deep Freezer
    초저온 냉동고
    • Usage : Storing samples of clinical trials
    • Safely and efficiently store and cool samples using a cryogenic cooling system
  • Computerized Spirometry
    폐기능 검사기
    • Usage : Clinical trial for athletic ability and respiratory diseases
    • Spirometry, Gestational Spirometer, Airway reversibility test
  • Digital Algometer
    디지털 통각계
    • Usage : Measuring pain tenderness in musculoskeletal pain disorders
    • Threshold and tolerance of pain caused by compression digitized and quantified for measurement
  • Care band
    • Usage : low frequency stimulation acupuncture
    • Nausea, vomiting, numbness, and cancer pain due to anticancer side effects of cancer patients
  • Ultrasound Bladder Scanner . UrinaryVolumeMeasurementSystem
    잔료량 검사
    • Usage : Diagnosis of lower urinary tract diseases accompanied by discharge disorder or storage disorder
    • Measures the urine volume in the bladder in a non-invasive manner using the Ultrasound 3D Sector Probe
  • folliscope
    • Usage : Hair-related clinical studies
    • Determination of the density and thickness of the hair, the ratio of the scalp to the hair color, and the type of hair loss according to the pattern of hair loss
  • Neurofeedback
    • Usage : EEG analysis and EEG training
    • Measuring brain waves to show frequency and activity in graphs and figures
    • EEG training using measured EEG information
  • E.N.T HD CCD Cmera System
    ENT 내시경
    • Usage : Clinical study of nasal diseases
    • Nasal imaging diagnosis
  • cutometer dual MPA580
    6종 피부통합측정기(본체)
    • Usage : Permission to declare the medical device of the pharmaceutical company (Seoul reception 13 · 623, Gwangju reception 05 · 5) Unique skin measurement equipment
    • Skin measurement / diagnostic equipment
    • Integrated skin measurement device that integrates existing single skin measurement devices to simultaneously process various skin measurement information in one device
    • The MPA580 system consists of a main body and a measuring sensor (probe), which can be connected to the computer on which the software is installed.
  • Tewameter TM300
    경표피수분증발량 측정센서기
    • Usage : Skin-related clinical trial
    • Measures TEWL (Trans Epidermal Water Loss) for damage and recovery of skin barrier
  • Mexameter MX18 Probe
    멜라닌.홍반 측정센서기
    • Usage : Skin-related clinical trial
    • Evaluation of whitening function, evaluation of UV protection function
    • Allergy, patch test, melanoma, scar color measurement
  • Skin ·Thermometer ST500 Probe
    • Usage : Skin-related clinical trial
    • Measures the surface temperature of the skin using the principle of infrared temperature measurement
    • Assessment of skin irritation, acute or chronic dermatitis
  • Skin ·pH ·meter PH905 probe
    피부pH 측정센서기
    • Usage : Skin-related clinical trial
    • Measures changes in skin acidity due to skin damage
  • Skin Measurement Sensor Preheater
    피부측정센서 예열기
    • Usage : Skin-related clinical trial
    • Tewameter TM300 probe’s head preheating device
  • Frictiometer FR700 Probe
    피부표면 마찰계수 측정센서기
    • Usage : Skin-related clinical trial험
    • Measures skin friction index using specially manufactured teflon head and motor
  • Skin Elasticity Measurement Sensor
    피부탄력 측정센서기
    • Usage : Sensors to measure skin elasticity of dermal layer by suctioning skin with negative pressure
    • Measured with cutometer dual MPA580 equipped with a skin elasticity meter